Monday, July 09, 2012

Weekend Activities

I hope you had a great weekend, Lovelies. Ours was fairly relaxed - mostly we're trying to soak up as much of this seattle sun as possible. 

Here are a few photos from the past week. 

We've been doing a lot of park time. Ben discovered the merry-go-round. Everything else ceased to be interesting. 

We went over to visit my grandma and grandpa and took advantage of the sunny weather to conduct the visit out-of-doors. Yay for avoiding the old-people-smell!  Ben decided that he was going swim in the fountain. 
Even if it meant scaling a small hedge to get there. 

These boys take their hearing protection very seriously. 

On Saturday morning we headed down to the UW Waterfront Activities Center and rented a canoe ($11/hour. Cheaper if you're a student). I used to do this with my family when I was just a wee little tyke. 

Ben had a blast. Not surprising, given that his new favorite word is 'water'. Except that he can't say 'w's and it sounds like 'hotter'. 

Tip: parking is plentiful and free after noon on Saturdays and all day on Sundays. So much fun to paddle around the lily pads and under the bridges on Foster Island.

Next time we'll bring a picnic and do a bit of swimming.

On Saturday night Chris hung out with the bambino and I headed down to the stadium with my sister-in-law Megan to watch a Sounders soccer game. I should have snagged some ear protection as it was so very, very loud. But also so much fun. 

We had a true soccer fan in our midst and he was able to keep us informed on player details and the proper lyrics to the various chants/songs. Who knew there was so much soccer-related intrigue?! And: I am incapable of clapping along, in time, with a stadium full of 20,000 people. Hopeless, I tell you.

On Sunday morning we slept in until 7 am (!) and then headed out to Lord Hills Regional Park for a nice morning jaunt. We saw three other people. Maybe. It's never busy. The baby did a little walking and then was content to ride in the backpack and munch on beef jerky for the rest of the hike.

On Sunday evening our (awesome, amazing, sweet) SIL Megan came over to the house and watched Ben for the night so Chris and I could chow down on Indian food in the University District. I'm still full. 

Then we grabbed a pint of ice cream and sat on the beach at Magnusun Park. What a fabulous end to the day. 

We don't have any grand plans for this week. Mostly we're trying to stay cool. 

Ben accomplishes this by falling into various bodies of water:

And eating popsicles. 

Me too. I've had three today. 

In other news, I just put on my bee suit and sprayed the hell out of this yellow jacket nest on our roof. We want to paint and they have not been receptive to our prepping activities. 

I had to work up my courage to get up there and destroy the nest, even in full protective gear. My cheek still stings from where they got me last week when I accidentally discovered their lair.  I dug out the area with a shovel (hordes of angry wasps exploded up into the air) and then sprayed them down with a plant-based spray from my Uncle Bill. 

update: I just went up again and gave them another dose. I'll keep you updated on their 'progress'.  

Stay cool, peeps.