Monday, July 02, 2012

Weekend Recap

Oh My Dears,

How was your weekend? On Saturday my parents took us down to the newly opened LeMay Car Museum in Tacoma. It was enormous - and stuffed full to the brim with autos of every shape and size. 

On Sunday we went for a stroll at St Edwards. It rained. But on the bright side, it made for a lovely (empty!) park. Plus not much water makes through the thick tree canopy onto the hikers below. Ben also got to try out his rain gear - he looked like a bright green Michelin Man. 

Later we trundled off to a lunch with my high school gal pals and then spent the afternoon doing some gardening work. Although I'm currently avoiding the shed roof, despite the fact that it desperately needs weeding. I went up there last week to do the job and promptly got stung by some ground-dwelling insect that was defending its nest. Right on my cheek. It hurt like the devil. The swelling has gone down with the exception of a small area directly around the sting site. Ouch. But at least my face doesn't look like I've consumed a few too many cream puffs...

We've harvested some snap peas, lettuce, raspberries, cilantro, and spinach from the garden. I also thinned the carrots - a task that always bums me out. Think of all those potential carrots that are being wasted!

In other news:
How lovely would it be to live in this beach house? Yes please. 

Bailey needed this window when we lived in our house in Santa Ana. Now he just sits on the deck and lords over all the fancy pups that pass by in the street below. 

Have a great week,