Thursday, August 09, 2012

Remlinger Farms - Carnation, Washington


A few months ago we bought a groupon to Remlinger Farms out in Carnation. We zipped over there this morning with a few buddies. It’s been a long while since my last farm visit (probably 15+ years) and I was a bit surprised to see that the family farm of old is now tricked out with fancy rides and a giant store. Ye old pumpkin patch, it ain’t. 

But that was a-ok.

And do a bit of school bus driving. 
He also climbed on this cow:

and got bit by this goose:

Roast goose for dinner? Yes, why thank you.

We played hobo and rode the rails:

Side note: The last time I rode on this train, as a junior high student, one of the mom chaperones had her water break in a very dramatic (woosh!!) manner. That moment (and the train ride) will forever be etched clearly in my memory. 

In other news:

I would love to have a photo shoot with our family that looks like this

I think this house has a very ‘pacific northwest feel’ to it. I like the clean lines and gorgeous views. 

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