Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Welcome to Six Months of Rain, Seattle

Well, we are poking along at our usual pace here in the J household. Fall has arrived and in Seattle that means rain. 

I’m over it. 

We are searching about desperately for some indoor activities so we don’t go completely stir crazy. 

Tonight we are going trick or treating to exactly two houses: my parent’s and Megan/Eric’s. Which also means that we get to meet Maddie, Megan and Eric’s brand new golden retriever puppy.

They just picked her up in Montana last weekend. We are so excited. Can’t wait to meet the little ankle biter. 

Megan said last night that sweet little Maddie is waking up every three hours for a little loving/potty break. It sounds just like having a newborn baby. Except that I’m not the one waking up. SCORE.

I think that must be the nice thing about being a grandparent: You get to love/hold/cuddle the wee babe, but at the end of the day it goes home with its parents and you get to sleep through the night. Sometimes, I’d like to skip directly to the grandparent part. Parenting is exhausting.

Ben, thankfully, is a fairly sound sleeper, but with a penchant for early morning risings. We were up everyday at 5am in Peru. Not my ideal wake up time. But in a new twist he’s been throwing a complete tantrum when nap and bed times roll around. I’m not a fan of the hysterics, Peeps. My little son has developed quite the pair of pipes. My lord, he is LOUD. 

In other news, Ben has his first official haircut the other day. We bribed him with a lollypop, a bobble head ghost, and cartoons. He still has the tips of both ears so I’m counting it a success. 

Poor kid, he’s got so very little hair. It took him two years to work up enough for his first official trim.

Hope you are well, and, if you live on the East Coast, safe and dry.