Monday, November 05, 2012

Bits and Pieces: The Election, Cake, Honey Harvest, and Furniture Projects


I am excited for the election tomorrow. And I’m going to be so relieved when it’s over. I probably picked up the phone 15 times today and 10 of those calls were robocalls from candidates begging for my vote.

Sorry dudes, we already voted - last week! WA is strictly a vote-by-mail state (no polls at all) and we received our ballots back in mid-October. I tried to see if mine had been counted yet but no dice. I called and the rep stated that they were way behind on getting ballots registered and tallied. [If you live in King County, check to see if your ballot has been received

I thought this was a fascinating little video from NPR on the state of American swing states. Especially interesting? How much Super PACs have spent on individual voters in critical areas (Nevada: $6/voter. California: less than $0.01/voter).

In other news:  I have frosted my most perfect cake to date. Not 100% perfect, but not too shabby either. We used our old standby: Spice cake and chocolate ganache. Yum.

I loosely followed these instructions.  It only has two layers of frosting instead of the recommended three. I need to get one of those fancy off-set spatulas, too.

I did a simple milk chocolate crumb coating as garnish on the top but next time will consider adding a dark chocolate drizzle or big flakes of chocolate [like this].

Ben was impressed.

He was jonesing to try it out for me.

We were celebrating my Nana’s 95th birthday. A few weeks early but whose counting.

She is OLD, Peeps. .

Remind me never to get that geriatric, my dears. Based on my observations [sample size n=2], it’s no fun. As in adult pampers, paranoia, deafness, and severe dementia no fun.

I love my grandma dearly but this is not the woman that I know.

She is long, long gone.
In other news, here is this year's honey harvest. Not bad, considering it was a feral volunteer hive. I love these gentle gals; I sure hope they make it through the winter.

Today on our walk we met a couple that were out ambulating with their pet rabbit. It’s name was Happy and she was quite good at hopping along obediently at their side. Happy could have given Bailey pointers on proper leash etiquette.

Ben was terrified and refused to pet little Happy.  - sigh-

Poor Chris has been really, really sick for the past two weeks. In this case, the flu shot in September did not prevent him from getting the flu in October. It’s been a rough fortnight: for him because he was sick-sick-sick and for me because I was, in essence, a single parent. Holy moly, I don’t know how real single parents do it. I wanted to hide in my room and pretend that Ben wasn’t constantly clamoring for attention/food/milk/etc. Sadly, this whole parenting thing doesn’t exactly work that way.

So when I saw this photo (above) on my phone, it was such a relief. Chris was on the mend. We were back to two-parent mode. [And then my dear husband left on a business trip. DAMN].

In other news, my Uncle Bill brought by this old schoolhouse chair for Ben.

He’d sanded down the seat and primered the legs. I lost no time in giving it a bright sparkly blue paint job. Finished product to be featured shortly (as soon as I finish it).

Hope you are well.