Monday, December 03, 2012

Projects: DIY Advent Calendar

Well, it’s December 3rd, which means this advent calendar project is three days overdue but I operate on a ‘better late than never’ schedule so I’m going to post it anyway. 

So, without further ado, here is our calendar:

There are twenty-five boxes pasted onto an 11x17 three-ring binder [with the rings removed]. I designed the graphics in Mac Pages and then used Mod Podge to paste them onto the boxes. The green part of the binder actually folds down onto the boxes, making an advent ‘book’, which will hopefully make it fairly easy to store between uses.

The blue favor boxes are roughly two inches square, which is about the size needed for a small toy or chocolate.

Ben discovered the candy-filled feature and was busy divesting [all] the boxes of their treats when I discovered him on Sunday. You know they’re up to no good when they become very, very quiet. It had been set up on the table but we quickly converted it into a wall-hanging. 

Several of the boxes have activities in lieu of candy. Here are a few examples:

Hope you’re ready for a lovely December. We sure are!