Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ben - The Annual Report

Well, My Dears, 

Year Two was intersting: he grew six inches (compared to 11 his first year) and gained six pounds (vs. 14 in 2011). He expanded his diet to include hummus but still has his old standbys: milk and fruit. 

Menu preferences still lean overwhelming towards the chocolate ice cream end of the scale. 

[Double click on the image for a slightly larger version]

He lost two great grandparents but gained three pet fish so his family member tally increased by one. Except that one of his fish went up to the proverbial fish bowl in the sky last week so I guess that’s a wash. [You don’t need to share that with him - he hasn’t noticed that the ‘baby’ fish is no longer swimming happily ‘round the tank].

He visited seven states in 2012 (and one foreign country) and still counts diaper changing and fingernail cutting as two of his least favorite activities. 

These are fun to make - coming up with categories is a nice little challenge. I think we’ll keep it up for a few more years; another fun item for the baby box.