Saturday, February 02, 2013

Bicycle Cake: How to Design with Chocolate

Sometimes called lace collars, melted chocolate is a simple way to spice up a plain cake. Here is how we made Ben’s bicycle-themed confection. 

For this cake, you’ll need the following:
-Two (2) Trader Joe’s Chocolate Tortes (frozen)
-Buttercream for frosting
-Skewers (for stability on the lower cake)
-Cardboard circle, slightly smaller than the cake footprint (this goes into between the two cakes and rests on top of the skewers. Both are for stability). 
- Melted chocolate chips (1 min in micro). 

1. Take the cakes out of the freezer and insert four skewers in the bottom cake. 
2. Clip skewers just above the top of the cake. 
3. Place cardboard on top of skewers, and the second cake on top of that. 
4. Frost. I like this frosting tutorial
5. Stick cake back into the fridge so everything can firm up before applying chocolate designs. 

6. Follow directions below. 

The pictures here are pretty small so double click and that should help a bit. [Or not. Let me work on making the pictures bigger. But the baby just woke up so it’ll have to wait]