Thursday, March 07, 2013

Little Boys and their tools

My Mother-In-Law saw the picture of Ben watching Chris work on the basement so she sent me these of a young Chris helping his dad complete the same job. Like father, like son. 

On a separate note, can you believe that Chris is only 2.5 years old in these pictures? I was sure he was at least 4. No wonder the guy ended up at 6’5”. It’ll be interesting to see what Ben’s final height is (in 18 years). He’s consistently in the 65-75 percentile range but I doubt he’ll be as tall as his papa.

Time will tell. 

Thanks for sending these Cherie!



PS: My brother-in-law Greg is the spitting image of his dad. Greg is probably within a few years of when that picture of Bob was taken (27? 28?) and the resemblance is truly uncanny. Those tall blond swedes!