Monday, May 06, 2013

House Projects - half bath

I'm plugging away at our main floor bathroom remodel. It's going slowly but I suppose that's what happens when working around a toddler. It's also directly below his room and tearing out tile isn't exactly a quiet process.

The trim tile is gone, the upper walls are painted, and I'm currently teaching myself the fine art of skim coating a wall. So far it's been a good workout: my arms ache from the sanding. I'm guessing professional drywallers don't sand nearly as much but given that this is my first time, I suppose that is to be expected.

I also had a few big holes to patch behind the toilet so that slowed me down a bit today too.

Hopefully later this week I'll be done with the plaster and move on to tacking up the fancy trim and caulking the whole thing. It would also be nice to have the toilet and sink back in too as we're hosting a shindig on Saturday. Guests appreciate bathrooms.

And here is another shot of our (former) miserable excuse for pipes. Now that is corrosion. Guessing the hole is about the size of a pin head.