Saturday, May 18, 2013

Miss Josie and Her Most Ardent Admirer

My Dears, 

Have I told you that Ben has a huge crush on one of his little buddies?

It’s this sweet girl:

We were in birth class with her parents back in December 2010 and we are lucky to count them as friends through the birth and babyhood of our children.

Last weekend we had a little reunion brunch and all three of the toddler boys kept inquiring as to when Little Miss Josie was going to arrive. She clearly has a retinue of groupies. 

Ben is completely and utterly smitten.

He is constantly asking: “When are we going to see Josie and her mama?!"

"Let me show you how much I love you. I’ll give you this grubby rock."

"And look deep into your eyes"

Oops. He scared her off. Too much soulful staring, Ben.

"Let’s do polar bear kisses instead."

And ring around the rosie.

Hard to go wrong with a beautiful day, the Aboretum, bridges to climb, and ducks to chase. It’s like toddler heaven. 

It was so much fun to photograph this little gal. She has a quiet, arresting gaze that just grabs the camera. The one on the right she insisted that we take especially for her daddy. 

Cute story: Right after this she looked up into the sky, spotted a plane, and said: “Oh, there’s a seven eight seven!” As a fellow daughter of a Boeing engineer (whose dad frequently does this same thing), I thought it was hilarious. This gal is a quick study.

And one of my most favorites: A sweet girl and her loving mama.