Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ben - out and about

We’ve been laying pretty low since preschool got out a few weeks ago but here are a few pictures from my phone. Hard to catch the baby at rest - this is a kid that is constantly on the move.

In no particular order:

Ben as a ring bearer. 

Notice that he managed to get his paws on the candy favors. Which is no doubt what is in his mouth. 

This was Ben’s first time in a church - and probably his last for a long while. He managed to appropriate all the donation envelopes in our pew, spill the entire tube of ‘going away bubbles’ (you know, instead of rice for the bride and groom) on the fabric pew bench, yell out “HI GRANDPA!!” during the ceremony (his grandpa was up at the alter at the time), spit out a gooey, gummed almond onto the bench, and step in and drag deviled egg all over the carpet (there was a plate of leftover food that was on the floor). Oh - and he managed to steal two toys that were in the church foyer for restless little kids. STEALING FROM CHURCH ALREADY?!

Thus our time in god’s house will probably be limited from here on out. 

Ben and I had a fantastic time at the zoo on Tuesday. The snow leopard babies aren’t so small any more! They still act like the little tykes they are, though: plenty of romping and ambushing of poor mom. I could sympathize. Ben has been in full out surprise belly flop mode lately and I’ve been the primary cushion.

The grand news is that the three baby jaguar cubs may soon be on exhibit. I noticed that they’d drained the big pool in preparation - even jaguar moms have to baby proof, evidently.

Making ice cream with grandpa for Chris’ birthday.

Who needs pant for preschool?! I’m ready.

Flying kites at Carkeek and waiting for the trains to pass through.

We had some friends in town visiting, including a 4 year old kiddo. We went up to the Reptile Zoo in Monroe and had an absolute blast. That place is a hoot. And very nicely done, for a private zoo. A great place for snake/lizard/turtle obsessed little boys and girls.  Ben was pretty cautious at first (and content to stay in dad’s arms) but was clearly thrilled. Don’t miss feeding time (around 1ish), especially as the alligators put on quite a show. Also, the bbq bus outside is awesome.