Friday, June 28, 2013

Of Soccer and Haircuts

I’ve got two little stories for you today Peeps.

Story #1:

A few weeks ago we headed down for a Seattle Sounders soccer game against the Vancouver Whitecaps. Our seats were up in the nosebleeds next to the very enthusiastic canadian cheering section. At one point one of the Whitecaps players got injured and the cheering squad immediate rose their feet and bellowed out the following:

It’s ok,
We don’t care

Well played, Canada, well played.

Story #2:

Last night I was out picking lettuce and when I opened the door to go back into the kitchen, Bailey made a wild dash into the backyard. Which is unusual, given that he’s typically front and center during dinner prep as he is the self-appointed spill cleaner-upper.

It wasn’t until later that I discovered a very tidy pile of dog hair laying next to a pair of kitchen shears. Barber Ben had been practicing his craft.

Time to hide the kitchen shears.