Friday, July 26, 2013

Pregnancy - the first three months

So for the past three months I’ve kept a bit of an online pregnancy diary on the blog that I was going to publish - after we were past the first trimester. But after skimming through it, I’ve decided that it really doesn’t make for terribly riveting reading.

Basically, I discuss:

-How crappy I feel
-How there is almost a zero chance of ever wanting to go through this again, and how it’s a good thing Chris was happy with having two kids, and not, say, eight.
-How crappy I feel

That about sums it up.

I can’t tell if this pregnancy was worse than the first or simply that I’ve forgotten how bad the first one really was. This time around they put me on a pretty hefty dose of anti-nausea medication...and it  didn’t do much. I spent several weeks curled around the toilet. It's been a rough few months for the entire family.

Not surprisingly, house projects have ground to a halt. Kitchen renovation? Ha. I'd be happy just to get the downstairs bathroom reassembled again. We have a shindig approaching in September that definitely necessitates a main-floor bathroom. Time to get cracking. Once I dredge up the energy to hoist myself off the couch.

Here is to looking forward to a puke-free rest of the pregnancy!