Monday, July 29, 2013

The Jaguar Babies Are Out at Woodland Park Zoo

The babies are here! This was a big day in the life of our little ‘Diego and Baby Jaguar’ cartoon fan Ben. 

The babies at the zoo are three months old and had their ‘soft’ exhibit opening a few weeks ago. 

They’re in that sweetly adorable gangly awkward stage.

There are three of them and boy are they cute! They have limited viewing hours so check with the zoo before tromping over there to get your jungle-fix of the day.

A visit to the zoo isn’t complete without a tour of the reptile house. Duh.

Not photoshopped. I swear.

Ever wonder what the scales of the king cobra look like? Now you know. And, fyi, they’re about the size of my thumbnail. Eek. This guy definitively qualifies as a BIG SNAKE. Or as Ben says: “Ohhhh, mama, a BIIIIIG SNAAAKE”. (along with big eyes and an ‘o’ mouth)

Ben wanted to know what sound penguins make. Um. Squeak, squeak? Gobble, gobble? I have no idea.  We practiced our penguin waddle instead.