Monday, August 12, 2013


I’m going to post a few pictures from our trip to Anchorage over the next few days. We had an awesome trip and although I’ve said this time and time again: I love visiting this state during the summer. 

It is simply stunning. Even getting there is a gorgeous feast for the eyes:

If you’re an outdoorsy-type person that enjoys hiking, biking, boating, and big-game viewing then Alaska is a great place to visit. 

Anchorage seriously needs to hire me as a tourist promotional officer: “Head north to Alaska, my friends! You won’t regret it! Land of the midnight sun!”

I only work summer months though. Because let’s face it: Alaskan winters and I don’t get along very well. 

Seriously. This is gorgeous, yes??!!

And where else do you drive through your neighborhood and see these guys by the side of the road? Ben was like “oh hey, cool, there’s a baby moose”. His mama, on the other hand, was going nuts. MOOSE! AT CLOSE RANGE!

Yeah, poor camera phone picture, I know. 

I think moose calves get the award for being one of the most gangly awkward babies out there. 

Hello Big Mama. 

This is where you’re glad that you’re inside a car that’s built like a tank because being [literally] 10 feet away from a mother moose is a terribly bad idea. These gals don’t mess around and kill more people than all the other big animals in Alaska, including bears. She make look like she’s smiling but she’s got a pretty nasty kick. 

Fireweed. Thus named because they’re the first plant to come back after a forest fire.  I was going to tell you it was the state flower of Alaska but that would be a lie: It’s actually the Forget-Me-Not. Which is way less pretty. 

We also got to see Katherine, my sister-in-law, run a half marathon. Whoohooo!! I have no idea how she can possibly look this happy at Mile 9. She totally rocked it, though.

Going to Alaska is fun, going with Chris and Ben is tow is an absolute hoot. Chris loved growing up in Anchorage and would probably move back in a second if he didn’t have a very stubborn wife. You can tell he’s thrilled to be there the minute he steps off the plane: he’s got a bounce in his step and he turns into tour-guide mode. “Hey! This is where I went to middle school and over here at that Taco Bell is where...”  

It’s hilarious. 

But he also just as clearly loves showing Ben around is hometown and I’m glad of that. Anchorage is important to him and him wanting to share that with his son is pretty special. You can take the guy out of Alaska but you can’t take the Alaska out of the guy. 

Also, you’ll have to forgive him for his mid-90’s attire. That checkered shirt? Must have been the Nirvana phase. Chris never actually packs any clothes for his visits - he just raids his high school wardrobe that he has tucked away at his parent’s house. In later blog posts you’ll notice that he breaks out the Abercrombie shirts and cargo pants. 

I take no responsibility for this attire. 

Ok, seriously. How often to look out your window and see this guy moseying through the back yard?!

More to come later.