Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Trips: Central Cali

My Dears,

We have bunched our vacations together this year. Fresh off our trip to Alaska we took a quick jaunt down to the High Sierras, near Truckee, California. We stayed at a Sierra Club lodge that we visited every summer when I was a kid. This is a bit of a tradition - Ben is the 4th generation of my family to head to this lodge for a week of hiking, swimming, and history buff-ing. The name 'Donner' (as in the Donner Party - early pioneers that had a rough winter at the base of the pass) might jog your memory a bit as to some of the rather infamous local history events. 

This year had a somber function; we scattered my grandfather George's ashes atop his beloved peak overlooking Donner Lake.  My mom and uncle had some very nice little rememberances of my grandfather and his great love for the outdoors, this place especially. 

This particular area is known for its massive granite pluton, gorgeous lakes, and stunning vistas. It's also hot, dry, and dusty come August and this year was no exception. 

Ben spent the week alternating between dust baths and chilly lake dips. He was in heaven. He even got a few hiking miles under his belt, thanks to frequent lizard sightings and copious quantities of beef jerky.  Here are a few quick shots, more to come later.