Thursday, September 05, 2013

First Day of Preschool 2013

These were all over FB yesterday and I’m nothing if not a groupie so here’s our version. Also, how could I resist posting yet another picture of my child?!

Ben is attending a little preschool a few days a week and yesterday was his first day. He was pretty excited and ran around the house beforehand yelling: “I’m going to see my kids!!” And: “They have a playground!"

Dropping him off was a slightly different story however as he had a good weep as I was walking out the door. Later his teacher said it lasted all of five minutes but it’s still so hard to walk away when your kiddo is actively bemoaning your departure. 

This kind of behavior is a bit new for our little one - usually he dives right in and barely waves as we walk away but he is definitely becoming more clingy to both of us so I suppose we might be in for a few sniffly departures in the next few weeks.

And here is the latest Benism: 

Upon waking up this morning: “Mama, I’m feeling a little bit crabby today”.

Thanks for the heads-up, kiddo.