Monday, September 23, 2013

Potty Training

I am calling this kid officially potty trained. [hope I don’t come to regret this bold statement at a future date]

We’ve been a month without daytime diapers and except for a few accidents here and there, he’s been pretty dry.

Potty training was one of those things that I was dreading as a parent. Perhaps because there are so many horror stories floating around. And I’m sure that some kids don’t take kindly to the idea of losing their portable potty (aka diapers).

Fortunately our kid is generally game for most activities, and, if we’re being honest, responds exceedingly well to bribery. Especially chocolate ice cream.

And he loves being naked.

For us, the naked-ness was key as he spent almost the entire summer running around in his birthday suit. That was our first step; once he became proficient at peeing in the grass or the potty, we slowly introduced training pants to the mix.

We didn’t have much luck with the disposable training pants; the cotton undies with the thick crotch were what worked best for our little guy.

He still wears a diaper during naps and at night but it’s been so nice to cut back on the number of nappies that we’re sending off to the landfill on a daily basis. We never did get the hang of cloth diapers and I always felt guilty about our super-duper garbage contributions.

We were really lucky to have a summer nanny that was totally game with our potty training plan - without her popping Ben onto the pot every 30 minutes while he was at her house, the process would have been much, much longer.

We have a bit of travel planned for this Fall, including two, five hour flights. At this point though, carrying around a few extra sets of clothes is no big deal - not having to deal with smelly diapers regularly is definitely worth the extra baggage.

Ok peeps! That’s my two cents. Hope your potty training adventures are uneventful. :)