Sunday, October 06, 2013

Nursery Wall Decal - Dunzo

Well the tree decal in Ben's room finally met its end last week during a time out session for the bambino. Those little fingers made quick work of the trunk and lower leaves. Frankly, it lasted about a year longer than we'd expected it to, given the fiddly nature of this child. 
Ben helped me remove a few other bits this morning and we'll continue to pluck off the leaves. That is the nice thing about decals - they are easy to remove and don't damage the walls. 
Someone asked me the other day what our plans were for the nursery once our little girl takes up residence. I was embarrassed to admit that I haven't thought about it at all! I think we'll move Ben into his 'big boy' room in early December and that'll give us a while to whip this room into shape. One thing I know for sure: the wall color ain't changing. Last time around we were painting with a super pregnant me and a one-handed Chris (thanks to the broken bone from our Mexico trip). Not fun. 

All in all, the decal probably would have come down as we changed up the decor  so I guess its demise was only a few months early.