Saturday, November 30, 2013

Costs of Prenatal Care & Delivery

I came across this post from several months ago. Must have forgotten about it as it never made it past the draft stage.

Our insurance changed between Ben’s birth and this pregnancy so I called up the other day to see what we’d be on the hook for, money-wise. 

Back in 2010/2011 it looked like this:

Midwife appts: $20/visit
Birth (35 hr stay at birth center): $300
Total for Ben’s prenatal care and delivery: approx. $500

This time it’s a bit different as we’re shelling out 10% of total costs. Here are the current numbers for delivery at the Group Health Family Beginnings Birth Center:

Vaginal delivery: $14,000
C-Section: $29,000


Fourteen thousand doesn’t seem too wildly out of line. Last time we had a nice room, a nurse that was dedicated solely to our care (and acted like a labor coach), and a midwife. Following Ben’s delivery, he had his own nurse and an OBGYN came in to handle some of my health complications. There were frequent follow-up visits for both Ben and myself throughout the duration of our stay. And you can’t forget the awesome hospital food.

$29k for a c-section is a lot of dinero, however. Needless to say, we’ll be trying for vaginal birth #2!

Kids aren't cheap, eh? And this is only the beginning...


Has anybody been following Will and Kate’s pregnancy? I can’t seem to help myself. Anxiously waiting to hear what name(s) they bestow upon the newest little royal. As for me, I’m hoping they have a girl. After two kings (Charles and William), they’ll be ready for a queen again! (update: well, we know that this turned out. All hail future King George!).