Monday, November 11, 2013

Hikes: Boulder River Trail

The beginning of the trail has the look of an old logging road and is quite flat and wide. The river roars along in the gorge below.

We’re trying to ease away from using the child backpack as the tyke is starting to be a little on the hefty side. He’s also fond of giving Chris a encouraging ‘giddyup’ kick in the ribs with each step. Thus, the bambino is walking. And thus we are breaking out the treats (beef jerky) before we even make it out of the parking lot.

Family water breaks.

Here is the first bit from WTA
Start in an old cut on a logging railroad grade. Don't despair, though, virgin forest appears soon enough. Crashing Boulder Falls can be heard through the dense forest and becomes fully visible just ahead. At about 1 mile pass the wilderness boundary, and soon afterward encounter a spectacular yet unnamed twin waterfall tumbling down the canyon walls into the river. This is a good turnaround spot for young children and hikers who just want a quick wilderness dose.

After a mile and a half of trudging, no backpack = unhappy walker.


 Our little guy grudgingly made it to the waterfalls before it was time to turn around. Settled, of course, comfortably on Papa’s shoulders.