Thursday, December 12, 2013

Baby Update

Well my dears,

Tomorrow is the start of my 35th week of pregnancy. For those of you not in the prenatal loop, a 40-week baby is considered normal although many doctors say that full term is at 38 weeks. I’m guessing that this little girl will be a bit early, much like her brother.

So things are humming right along.

I’ve definitely entered the this-pregnancy-is-no-longer-comfortable stage.  It happened two days after we got back from our trip and I woke up, looked down at my belly and went: “wow. I am looking BIG. And man, my back hurts”.

I’ve deserted our bedroom in favor of a mattress placed on the floor in the baby’s room. It provides more support and I don’t have to stumble around as much when getting up to use the bathroom at night.

Ben has been a little slow to catch onto the changes. This morning, for example:

Sonja: “we’ll go in a minute. I need to use the bathroom first.”
Ben: “You just went potty. Why do you need to go AGAIN?”
Sonja: “Because the baby is doing a tap dance on my bladder and it’s not comfortable”

Ah yes, the joys of pregnancy.

Hormones are also zipping about. I couldn’t believe that Chris didn’t want to haul the crib upstairs last night at 9:30 and I stewed about it as I lay in bed. What if the baby arrives right now? We NEED that crib set up. 

I very clearly remember this phase when pregnant with Ben, although at that time it was: “What do you mean you have a broken hand? That room NEEDS to be painted today. Get on it. "

Being married to a heavily pregnant woman must be, ahem, challenging on occasion.

Although he can still see his toes and he doesn’t waddle around like a duck. So he’s lucky in that regard.