Thursday, December 12, 2013

Baby Update

Well my dears,

Tomorrow is the start of my 35th week of pregnancy. For those of you not in the prenatal loop, a 40-week baby is considered normal although many doctors say that full term is at 38 weeks. I’m guessing that this little girl will be a bit early, much like her brother.

So things are humming right along.

I’ve definitely entered the this-pregnancy-is-no-longer-comfortable stage.  It happened two days after we got back from our trip and I woke up, looked down at my belly and went: “wow. I am looking BIG. And man, my back hurts”.

I’ve deserted our bedroom in favor of a mattress placed on the floor in the baby’s room. It provides more support and I don’t have to stumble around as much when getting up to use the bathroom at night.

Ben has been a little slow to catch onto the changes. This morning, for example:

Sonja: “we’ll go in a minute. I need to use the bathroom first.”
Ben: “You just went potty. Why do you need to go AGAIN?”
Sonja: “Because the baby is doing a tap dance on my bladder and it’s not comfortable”

Ah yes, the joys of pregnancy.

Hormones are also zipping about. I couldn’t believe that Chris didn’t want to haul the crib upstairs last night at 9:30 and I stewed about it as I lay in bed. What if the baby arrives right now? We NEED that crib set up. 

I very clearly remember this phase when pregnant with Ben, although at that time it was: “What do you mean you have a broken hand? That room NEEDS to be painted today. Get on it. "

Being married to a heavily pregnant woman must be, ahem, challenging on occasion.

Although he can still see his toes and he doesn’t waddle around like a duck. So he’s lucky in that regard.




  1. Putting up with hormones is easier than having hormones.

  2. So true! Can I please have permission to borrow that line occasionally? It might come in handy over the next few weeks. :)

  3. Absolutely. The inner turmoil of hormones is bad. You know sometimes you're being ridiculous, but you can't help feeling 100% consumed by whatever minutia is bothering you, and then you feel out of control that you can't help what you feel, and then that makes you sad, and then you're sad that you're sad, and you get even more hormonal. It's like being on brain-altering drugs. I feel for husbands who have to deal with us, but (perhaps with the exception of the always hormonally truly out of control people) at least it's not all the time, the husbands can categorize this as "a pregnancy thing" (and not take it too personally), and at least THEY CAN THINK (usually!!) CLEARLY! Emotions are consuming!