Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Gifts for a Three Year Old Boy

We’ve hemmed and hawed over this year’s selection of gifts for the bambino. He was steadfast in his request to Santa: "I WANT TRAINS"! 

But he’s also really into dancing/singing so we incorporated a few musical instruments into this year’s catalog. Hopefully they’ll be a big hit.

Ben’s birthday is at the end of January so a few of items will be saved for that day. 

We bit the bullet and got him a balance bike as his one ‘big gift’ from Santa. On a related note: How come Santa gets all the credit for awesome presents? Totally not fair.

2. Hanna Andersson Long Johns in Tangerine Sailboat (Serena & Lily) $46. We used a 25% off coupon, which helped a bit.
3. African Rhythm Thumb Piano (10,000 Villages) $14. I love that this toy is made out of a sardine can! In the end I decided it was a bit old for the bambino. Maybe next year.
4. Janod Story - Circus Train (Amazon) $14.16. Great design and colors. And it satisfies the babe’s train longing.
5. Bluesband Harmonica (Land of Nod) $7.95
6. Larry Gets Lost in Seattle (Third Place Books) $16.99. What can I say, I love books that take place in my hometown and the illustrations are fantastic.
7.Wooden Slide Whistle (10,000 Villages) $9. I’m worried about this one. How much whistling can we take before going nuts?
8. Strider Balance Bike (Zappos) $109
9. Janod Magnetic Wooden Toy Plane (Urban Baby) (Haven’t purchased this one - possibly a birthday gift?)
10. Classic Balance Bike (Amazon) $64. Chris and I went back and forth between the CBB and the Strider; as I love the look of the wood. But in the end, the Strider was half the weight of the wooden version and got great reviews. We’ll let you know how we like it. 

He’ll get a few additional things in his stocking: a christmas tree ornament, a few additional train cars, and some chocolates, but that’s about it. And the mandatory handful of satsumas. 

What’s on your list of essential little boy holiday gifts?