Monday, December 09, 2013

From the Blog-O-Sphere

Two Blog-O-Spheres in four days ! There are some good articles out there.

First up, for Chris:
Macklemore signs 49er jersey...but not the way the fan expected. Awesome. Maybe a little bit of payback for the loss last night? [Thanks Robin]

Why grammar can be a very good thing.

My grandma swore up and down that one year, back when she was a teenager, she went ice skating with friends on Lake Washington. Guess she wasn’t pulling my leg. Holy Hell, Seattle, IT IS COLD HERE! A 15 year low this weekend.

Speaking of cold things, for the holidays, I’m going to try this slushy recipe. Maybe it’ll bring a bit of tropical cheer into this frigid city.

Chris sent me this NYTimes article last night about Stay-At-Home-Fathers. I think it’s totally awesome that we’re seeing more SAHDads these days. Most interesting was the fact that the article correctly points out that many high-wage earning moms are able to make things work at their jobs only because they have a spouse at home. Many of these scenarios might not be possible if both parents were employed. Which is great if you pull in enough moolah for the entire family but it still leaves two-parent wage earning households out in the cold. I really wish we could move towards more flexible working hours for both moms and dads, but that seems to be the exception, rather than the rule these days.

Chris found the above photo in a box of pictures this weekend and scanned it onto the computer. It’s from 2002 on a crew trip to Sacramento. Dang we look young!  Or maybe it’s just that right now I feel really old, having just plucked yet another grey hair from my head...Gonna be bald by the time I’m 35.   :(