Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Tree Hunting

We have a tree.

It’s currently residing on our front porch, still wrapped up, and I just about had a heart attack at 3 am this morning when I was roaming around the house (not loving this pregnancy back pain) and caught sight of a tall, sinister ‘man’ peering in the window.

The tree has thus extracted its revenge on us for cutting it down. Well played, tree.

For the past three years we’ve gone out to Enchanted Winds Tree Farm in Issaquah, which is a small but friendly family-run farm along the Issaquah-Hobart Road corridor.

This year Ben really got in on the tree selection process. He found several acceptable toddler-sized candidates.

Mostly he loved running around playing ‘farmer’ in his stompers (aka rain boots). Gotta love the toddler perspective on life, right?

Our ‘winner’! Sorry tree. We promise to send you off to compost heaven so you might come back again someday.

 Don’t forget to warm up inside the barn with the all important cookies and hot cider. We were thankful to escape with all of those fancy ornaments intact on the tree behind us. Ben the whirling dervish.

xo, Sonja

If You Go:

Enchanted Winds Tree Farm
Seasonal Hours: Th & F: 10-4:30, Sat & Sun: 9-4:30
Costs: Tree prices vary but our 7’ Doug Fir was $47

A few tips:
Wear your wellies. It gets muddy.

They provide saws and pads but we’ve discovered that it really pays to bring your own nice, sharp hand saw, if you have one available. The first year Chris and his dad spent about 20 minutes hacking away at the trunk with the provided saw. This year Chris had it down in three minutes.

It helps to have someone push the tree from the top during the cutting process. This makes the cut wider and speeds things up.

On December 7th the Newfoundland Dog Club comes to the farm and will pull your tree in their little carts back to your car for a small donation. It’s really a hoot to see the working dogs suited up with their harnesses and carts.

Be a nice doobie and tip the kid that carries, shakes, packages, and then ties your tree to the top of your car. No need to bring straps as they provide the twine but a cargo blanket is a plus if you have a fancy car.