Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bunny for Baby

I finished this little bunny just a day or so before Emma was born. 

I used the template from
Molly’s Sketchbook over at the Purl Bee - it’s definitely a beginner-friendly project with easy sewing and a small supplies list.

Instead of the suggested (but expensive) felted wool, I went with a cream flannel. Still nice and cozy.

My biggest dilemma was which fabric to use for the ears. In the end, I loved the coral flannel but decided to be bold and go with the circles. - Always a tough decision for this plain jane grey/black/blue-clothes wearing gal.

Frankly, the rabbit is only a bit smaller than our little girl, although Emma’s got bunny beat in the buddha belly department. 

Ben has been coveting the bunny (and the rest of Emma’s toys); perhaps we should whip up another version for our little boy. Maybe we’ll have more luck with the stuffed animal than we did with the offer of a doll