Friday, March 21, 2014


Not surprisingly, things in our house are pretty crazy at the moment. I haven’t had much time to talk about our little girl as Ben is taking up the majority of our energy. Time to rectify the situation.

Emma - Two Months

Our wee piglet is a growing babe. All the newborn clothes are packed up and awaiting another wrinkled, wailing bundle of joy. There is a sense of melancholy that goes along with packing up of too-small garments. On one hand I’m happy that’s she a healthy, growing girl, on the other, she is no longer our tiny little newborn with her kitten cries. That stage is gone forever and we won’t, in all likelihood, have another. Hence the melancholy.

Em has also lost most of her newborn hair, with the exception of a few random tufts around her ears and the back of her head. For the past few mornings I’ve picked her out of the crib and there is a flurry of soft hair that rains back down onto the sheet. The new growth is a very light, light brown, almost blond. She has those same chubby cheeks and blue eyes of her brother but her hair is definitely her own. It’s soft and shiny and we frequently find ourselves petting her head, just to feel it.

Emma is a calm and happy baby and she’s sleeping 5-6 hours at a time. I’ll have to remind myself how fantastic this stretch is, as I’m sure it won’t last. New skills, teething, or colds always mess with the peaceful nights. For for now, it’s heavenly.

Our favorite thing about Emma is how her whole face smiles. This lady owns the toothless grin. Her eyes close, her nose wrinkles, and her smile is huge. We love it and we love her. Grateful to have this little girl.