Friday, March 07, 2014

From the Blog-O-Sphere

Ok Peeps,

Here is the latest and greatest from around the web!

The funniest joke in the whole world.

You are invisible but I’ll eat you anyway. The secret to snow-diving foxes. 

A speck in the sea: What happened when one man fell overboard. 

Our little Emma is a growing girl, she’s in 3-month clothing and she’s lost that new-born kitten cry. [Now she’s LOUD]. It’s bittersweet time for most parents. Here is a reflection: Savoring the Moment. 

Arriving to the birth center 20 minutes later than we did would have resulted in a parking lot delivery. Here is the tale of a babe born on a sled, thanks to the recent bout of snowy weather in Philadelphia.

What the award shows are really like: I went to the Oscars and nobody cared. 

The view from One World Trade Center. Now is that a great photo or what?!

Have a great weekend Peeps!

We have my sister- and brother-in-law in town this weekend so we’re looking forward to a nice family dinner with Team J. Ben is headed to Dino Day at the Burke with my parents; I wish we were doing something exciting (or relaxing!) while he’s gone - instead we’ve planned a massive spring cleaning on the house. It needs it.

But in more interesting news, I just booked a weekend of snow fun in Leavenworth for later in the month. We’re planning on doing a bit of sledding, constructing a few snowmen, and, if we’re lucky, going on a horse-drawn sleigh ride at a nearby farm!