Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Projects: Art for Emma's Room

On some level, I want so desperately to be a minimalist like Chris.  I love the clean lines and uncluttered spaces that dominates that style.

But then... I get greedy.  For the colors, the patterns, the pictures. How can you pick just one?  Lets take them all!

You see my problem? 

Back in college when I worked as a real estate photographer, I had to shoot a house in which every square inch of table top, floor, and wall space was covered in cottage themed knickknacks.  Think lots of ceramic bunnies, wooden tulips, and white picket fence paintings. The gal sure knew her niche.

My goal is NOT to be like that sweet lady.  But man, its a struggle. And I'm still going with the collage. Minimalism be damned.