Monday, April 21, 2014


Hello My Dears!

I hope you had a fantastic Easter. Or a fantastic weekend, if you’re not an Easter celebrate-r.We lucked out on Sunday morning with beautiful weather.

The Easter Bunny was one busy little gal this year. She hid eggs at our friend's house and at Grandma's house. I love watching the toddlers on the hunt. It's gleeful, joyous mayhem

It took perhaps 30 seconds for the kids to get the hang of easter egg hunting....and then there was no stopping them!

With their haul. Do they look happy or what?!

It'll be a few years before Emma is ready to partake in the egg madness. For now, she was content to snooze the morning away.

I took this one a few days before the actual event. Our little Easter Bear. Many thanks to Bailey Dog for propping her up (that's him in the bottom left). He was a good ole pup; didn't move a muscle the entire time she was wiggling around. 

After visiting our friends, we had brunch with both sets of grandparents and Auntie Alex. And then, a second round of egg hunting. Lucky kiddo!

Emma. And her official Easter portrait. She's still a bit wobbly; ole Cheeks McGee has a hard time lifting up that heavy head!

Ben had so much fun with the egg hunting that the grandmas went and hid them all again for a second round. He couldn't understand why the eggs didn't magically refill with candy though...

I love Spring. The sun, the flowers, the feeling of renewal. We are finally emerging from the fog of Winter.

It wouldn't be a holiday without chocolate. At least not in our house.

Ben was exceptionally proud of his eggs. Hasn't wanted to eat any though. Funny kid.

And last but not least: my most favorite picture of all.