Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Projects: Toddler Table and Chair

As Chris remarked the other day: “Darling, you’ve never met a piece of furniture that didn’t require a new coat of spray paint”.


That is not entirely true; we have some beautiful wood-grain furniture. But I do like a good painting project. Case in point:

Some generous soul had deposited this table and stool in front of their house with a ‘free’ sign attached.  I snatched them up, and then they promptly languished in our basement for several months.

But this weekend we cleaned out the entire basement in preparation for drywall work and decided that it was time for their makeover. The wood was in fairly decent condition, with only some light water stains. I primer-ed the entire piece and then removed the legs for individual painting.

We went bold: Bahama Blue and Lime Green. Probably not what I’d choose for my living room but crazy colors are a-ok for a toddler’s room, right?

Ben is going to be a sommelier of the chocolate milk world. “Hmm, chocolatey with strong hints of earth and heat, yet leaving the palate with aftertastes of rich, creamy milk."

I’ll take a few pictures of the table in Ben’s room as soon as he wakes from his nap.