Saturday, April 05, 2014

Seattle Activities: Lord Hill Regional Park

Seattle Peeps! Spring is upon us! It’s time to shake off the winter blues and head out into our gorgeous Pacific Northwest countryside.

One of our favorite kinda-close-to-Seattle hikes is a jaunt through
Lord Hill Regional Park outside of Monroe.

This 1,500 acre preserve is a veritable plethora of swamps, forests, and streams. Best of all, it’s a mostly flat area so the little tykes don’t get too tired. There are also several routes so it’s fairly easy to find a trail that is suitable for your family’s hiking ability.

We’re especially partial to the Beaver Lake Trail as it affords a good mix of streams and forests.

Our wee babe, snuggled up close; she snoozes for the entire walk. The trails are wide and flat; an ‘all-wheel drive’ stroller like a BOB could probably handle the main routes quite easily. 

We’ve nixed the hiking backpack in favor of Ben’s own two legs. Getting this kid out and running is definitely a priority for our family on the weekends.  Chris also serves as a mode of transport when our kiddo runs out of steam. Or comes to the end of his beef jerky supply. 

This is a designated equestrian park so it’s quite common to meet horses on the trail. There is also a private stable that abuts the ranch and we usually end our walk with a visit to the animals. Sheep and donkeys also occasionally graze in pastures near the parking lot. 

There are two additional parks in the area that we’ve been itching to visit: Heirman Wildlife Preserve and Paradise Valley Conservation Area. We’ll let you know how they compare to Lord Hill.



If You Go: Lord Hill Regional Park

12921 150th St. SE
Snohomish, WA 98290

Parking is free. There is no entrance fee. Porta potty located at the park entrance. Can be buggy in the early spring.

Sundays are our favorite day to visit the park; there are also fewer events on that day as well.

The lot will be busy but is rarely full, except on days when the park is used for races. Check the website to make sure if you’re not attending on an event day. If you do show up and it’s mobbed, it’s often less crowded if you access the park via the equestrian parking lot.