Saturday, April 12, 2014

Seattle Activities: Urban Nature Fair


I hope you are in the middle of a great weekend. Last night Ben had a sleepover at his grandparent’s house so we celebrated with dinner out at Elliot Bay Brewhouse and a movie (The Butler - highly recommended). This morning we slept in until 7 am (!) and made a big breakfast, reminiscing about how relaxed life was prior to having kids.

I love ‘em... but I also miss the quiet and slow pace of life. It reminded me of this

Having a baby is like losing your leg and winning the lottery. Winning the lottery does not make it OK that you're without your leg, but it does give you enough of a distraction that you don't completely lose your mind. Yes, your leg is missing, but you're on a yacht. 

Later in the morning we went down to Magnuson Community Center for a little Caspar Babypants, Seattle’s most famous toddler balladeer, and the Urban Nature Fair.

Ben was in heaven: animals, toys, and tattoos.

Bunny in a snuggie. What a brilliant idea. This was part of the animal encounter exhibit. Also on hand: eagles, owls, falcons, reptiles, and a baby wallaby. The wallaby was riding around in a custom pouch worn by his caretaker. It was pretty darn cute.

Not surprisingly, my mom made a beeline for the insect display. Can you blame her? Take a look at these specimens:

Definitely something to add to the calendar for next year.