Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Benisms vol 26

We have had a lot of these lately:

Ben: [Pointing at me across the playground as I’m coming to pick him up from preschool]: “Who is that lady?!

Right. That strange lady also known AS YOUR MOM.

Please don’t pull that in front of a police officer, a border agent, or TSA...

Speaking of TSA, we tried to take a photo for Emma’s passport yesterday. Did you know that both ears have to be showing and the mouth has to be closed? Between her crazy head bobbles, squeaks, cries, and smiles, it was an all-around failure.

But I snapped these while Chris and Emma were doing a little relaxing on the couch:

And then it went downhill, fast:

I need milk and you can’t provide it. Send me over to the milk machine!