Thursday, May 15, 2014

Beat the Heat

It's been weird, muggy weather in Seattle this week. Further proof that I could never make it in the South; I'm a wilting wuss.

We escaped down to our local park for a little water play. Our first official Spring dip; Ben has been in the lake four or five times already this year but those could all be classified as accidental dunkings. I've never met a kid that was so good at falling in the water.

The water is still really cold. My skinny little son required a lengthy post-swim warmup period. And snacks. Always snacks. 

Em took a nap. This girl is my champion sleeper.
Meanwhile, poor Fidel was stuck in our basement hanging sheetrock. But the grand news is that it's all installed. Next up: taping and mudding. And then I get to go crazy with the paint gun. Fun times.