Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Emma - Four Months

Well My Dears,

We are in the thick of it, as they say. Things around here are busy and I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed. So what do I do? Sit down and blog about it. Everybody has their own way of using their precious downtime, right?

Here is a quick recap: we are painting our newly finished drywall. It is awesome. Floors are next. Pictures to come soon. Last week we also took a quick trip down to Chinook (Washington) and Seaside (Oregon) to visit Chris’ grandfather and to take in the ocean air. Additionally, Ben was sick, Chris has business trips, we’re all sleep deprived, and Emma is drooling up a storm.

Speaking of Emma, our wee munchkin is coming up on five months old.

Oh this girl, I love her so. But of course I’m her mama and mothers tend to wax maudlin about their offspring. (Can you say that? 'Wax maudlin'? Probably not but I'll trust you understand my meaning). 

Our little chubby buddha baby. She is calm, inquisitive, and has never met a blanket that she didn’t want to gum. Unlike Ben, Emma is on the shy side and reserves judgement until you’ve worked to win her over. But at home, when she’s comfortable, she has a wide, sparkling smile and a throaty chuckle. Truly a happily content baby. I love this wee little girl.

She’s the one thing that makes me slow down and relish those quiet, fleeting moments. I’m not worrying about house projects, or Benjamin, or the laundry that is piled high. I love how babies look at you like you’re the best, most wonderful thing they’ve ever seen. Uncomplicated adoration. Smile back and you’re their hero.

I love having a baby in the house again. Especially this jolly little gal. It’s so worth it, despite the cries, the never-ending quest for milk, the spit-ups, and the copious quantities of drool. It’s pure mayhem over here but I suppose we wouldn’t have it any other way.