Friday, May 30, 2014

From The Blog-O-Sphere

In other news, Emma and I just got back from her checkup with the doctor. Girl is LONG: 90th percentile. I’m also grateful that she has a normal-sized head (50%, whoohoo!) and her weight (70%) is right where is should be. Emma also demonstrated her excellent lung capacity and volume during her routine vaccinations. I’ve never heard her holler so loudly. Poor little piglet. 

Here is the latest and greatest from around the web this week:

Peeps, can you guess the world’s deadliest animals? I got the first one...but forgot about #2! Frankly, #2 is pretty depressing. 

How to tell someone’s age by their name. Calling all Ednas! (Thanks, Sara)

What depression looks like in animals (much like humans, evidently). Or, how Mr. G and Jellybean were reunited. 

Did you know that the San Diego Zoo Wild Animal Park has a ‘roar and snore’ tour that lets you spend the night in safari tents at the park? Sign me up! (and the kids too)

This article is titled: “This four minute video of Anchorage will make you leave your city behind”. The video is gorgeous, especially the bits with the northern lights. 

Hiking in Spain’s Picos de Europa Mountains. Stunning, yes? Let’s go there.

Dads who do chores raise daughters who aspire to high-paying careers. Interesting.  Regardless of career outcomes, let’s hear it for my darling lawn-mowing/dish-washing/laundry-doing husband. Major props to my tidy hubby. 

Most googled terms in each state. This is whacky, funny, and also kind of depressing. 

And last but not least, parent humor. The best of the bunch!

Update: one more. 40 thought-provoking ads. 

Have a great weekend. 



PS: Happy Birthday G! Here’s to another great decade to come.