Wednesday, May 07, 2014

House Update

This is shaping up to be one incredibly busy fortnight for our family so things might be pretty spotty on the 'ole blog-a-rooney. 

But we have a few tidbits:

Quarterback Russell Wilson paid a visit to Chris' company the other day. Guess who was stuck in a meeting the ENTIRE time? Poor Chris. Maybe next year. 

We have family coming into town this weekend. So excited. Predictably, it's supposed to rain.  

And last but not least: I took down the very last two sheets of wall board in the basement this afternoon. It's rather strange to see the guts of one's house laid bare. But we love those hefty beams; they are what's going to (hopefully!) keep our house standing during the major earthquake that's due to hit Seattle one of these days.  

Be well, peeps.