Friday, June 13, 2014

From the Blog-O-Sphere


Hope your week is going well, my dears. Happy Friday!

We’re hanging on for dear life; it’s been a hectic two months. I thought I led a busy existence right up until I added another kid into the mix. Holy moly. One is manageable, two is exhausting, and I can’t even contemplate three or more. Major props to all those parents with more children than hands. And my littlest one isn’t even walking yet.

Your weekly list of things that are worth reading:

Pretty sure I’ve posted this previously but I laugh every time: Why kids are pretty much tiny drunk adults. Ben is totally #26.

Check out this rental house. Anyone want to join us? All you need is a passport and a swimsuit. Someday I’d love to get a big group together and rent a house in an exotic locale.

Can you call yourself an environmentalist and still eat meat?

An interesting design concept: Mouse inspired ‘whiskers’ give cyclists a temporary bike lane.

Funny or Die: How your sense of humor can affect your life

And then your photo(s) of the day:

Awww. What a sweet kid. Giving his little sister a nice hug.

Followed immediately by:

Oh. Nice. A blade of grass up the nose. She’ll really love you for that little stunt, Benjamin.