Friday, July 11, 2014

Ben - Almost 3.5 years old

There are days when this kid makes me want to pull my hair out. Ben is embracing 3 with a vengeance. Stubborn, obstinate, loud, and aggressive, we’re butting heads like crazy these days.

It’s a humdinger of a phase.

But there quiet moments when I’m reminded just how much I love this little guy. When he climbs into bed in the early morning to cuddle, when he takes pride in his latest masterpiece, when he curls up and asks to read his favorite books. When he wants to be tucked into bed - for the tenth time that night.  I see him interacting gracefully and confidently with adults, gleefully running 'round the playground with his posse of equally high-spirited pals, and laughing uproariously along with Emma.

Those moments help remind me that the tantrums and outbursts are all educational experiences; Ben is doing his best to learn how we conduct ourselves, socially. He doesn’t always get it right, in fact, he’s wrong more often than not. But he’s trying really hard and I’m confident that he’ll get it someday.

In the meantime, I need to go stop my darling boy from assaulting the dog. Bailey looks like he’s ready to flee.