Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Benisms vol 29

"Mama, I am an awesome big brother" yes, and equipped with an ego the size of Manhattan, too.

"Mama, we need to go outside.  You need the exercise. " (Ouch. From the mouths of babes)

Ben has started petitioning heavily for a pet. Specifically a giraffe.  And evidently we need to travel to Africa so we can acquire said giraffe. Poor Bailey isn't cutting it anymore. 

In other Ben news, he is completely besotted by the nine year old daughter of his preschool teacher who helps out during the summer months. Totally over the moon, idol worship, puppy love. He's already planning a sleepover with her, his two buddies, Bailey, and his grandmother. Odd combo, right? 

What's cute is that when he arrives at preschool and spies her, he turns into a shy, timid little creature that can't even squeak hello. He hides between my legs and refuses to look in her direction. She must find it quite puzzling. And if you're acquainted with my son, you know that his personality can quite accurately be described as the antithesis of timid. Bold, brash, and loud are pretty good Ben descriptors. 

But somehow, during the course of the morning, he overcomes these obstacles and at pickup time I'll  find him happily ensconced in her lap, listening to a story.   Or trotting after her in the playground. This awesome gal must have the patience of Job. Bless her.