Friday, July 04, 2014

Canada Road Trip (Part VI): Calgary

The city of Calgary is only a few hours east of Banff so we decided to swing over and poke around before heading home. In the end, we only saw the zoo and the hotel as this was just a brief stop; we were jonesing to get home.

But what a zoo. It’s awesome. I’ve dragged Chris to zoos all over the globe and the Calgary Zoo ranks just behind the Berlin Zoo, in my humble opinion.

I have a soft spot for zoos that proudly showcase their local flora and fauna. Calgary had a fantastic “Canadian Wilds” exhibit. I joked with Chris that if my animal photos from Jasper and Banff didn’t turn out then I could slip these in and pretend they were the real deal.

But I didn’t. :)

In Ben’s opinion, a visit to the zoo wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the alligators (or dwarf crocodiles, in this case). The tropical jungle building in the zoo was fabulous. As was the hippo/giraffe/wart hog area. 

And the real wild one:

Later we zipped off to our hotel room for a little baby time with this girl:

We got up the next morning intending only to make it as far as Sandpoint Idaho but decided to push on through for home. With a few necessary stops, of course. Gotta love traveling with toddlers, right?!

From Idaho, it was the long, monotonous stretches of Eastern Washington. 

But then we were home and in our own beds. It’s great to leave, it’s great to come home.



If You Go:

Calgary Zoo
Show this coupon to the teller at the zoo for 15% off. Or print it out before you arrive.

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