Wednesday, July 02, 2014

From the Blog-O-Sphere

Is it Friday, yet?! I got a rude awakening on Monday morning when I discovered that Ben’s summer preschool didn’t start until next week. We were both bummed out; him because he loves school and me because I have a ton of stuff to get done.

Dog shamming. Made me laugh. Squeaky toys, indeed. 

Ben is, like many toddlers, often lost in the land of imagination. I love hearing about his imagined exploits.  But sometimes his adventures get mixed up as facts. I also remember doing this quite a bit. ahem. Clearly he’s not alone. 

The 4Runner that refuses to die. 

Best (and saddest) tampon commercial ever. 

What to do with a toddler toy taker. (Thanks, M)

Wish this company had been around when we were shopping for engagement rings. Conflict free diamonds, recycled gold, known country of origin.  

First Moon Party (Thanks, C!)