Thursday, August 28, 2014

Benisms, vol 26

From the other room:

Ben: "uh oh"


"I just broke your (grandmother's antique silver) tea pot". 

"Oh no!  Seriously?!"

"Yes. But!! I have a good idea!!


He strikes an arms-extended superman pose:



I was paying Ben to pick up all the crab apples that fell in the yard. A penny per apple.

“Mom, I picked up all the apples!”

“Sweet. Thanks, Ben”

“And then I threw them all over the fence! The yard is clean! And you owe me lots of money"

“Wait. You threw them all over the fence?! To our neighbor’s yard, who has the most impeccably perfect garden that ever existed?”*

“Yup. But I picked them up first and THEN threw them so you still have to pay me.”

Things are never boring ‘round here, peeps. Good thing I love this kid so much.



*Upon inspection, it turned out that he’d thrown the apples over the fence that divides our front from our back yards, and not over into the neighbor’s garden. whew. He still wanted double payment for having to pick up the apples twice, however.