Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Halloween: Kids Jungle Explorer Costume

Same costume, different name. 

Necessary gear for bird watchers jungle explorers: 

A satchel
Bird book

A waterproof field notebook (necessary both for field scientists and toddlers):

And pencil:

Binoculars and a pith helmet:

Rookie mistake: not learning how to use your fancy gear until after you’ve arrived at your exotic destination.

Taking notes: I think I’ll have mac and cheese for lunch. 

Is that the elusive, adorably exotic GREATER FLAMINGO?! By golly, I believe it is!!

Supplies List

[Many costume accessories came from our collection at home; similar items are linked, below]

Pith Helmet (with a glued-in foam ring to make it fit my kid)
Binoculars. (Or this one if you really want to channel your retro british explorer look).
Birding Vest, the more pockets the better.
Bird Book