Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hikes: Moss Lake Natural Area

Today we decided to venture off on a new hike in the Moss Lake Natural Area, which is managed by the King County Department of Natural Resources. It’s ideal for children as it’s an easy three mile loop with minimal elevation gain. Frogs were calling as we ambled out of the parking lot and the first (and only) peek of Moss Lake is not to be missed. 

The trail is wide and well-maintained and provides a nice variety of habitats. Bring some good mud-stomping boots or be prepared for soggy feet. The autumn leaves are falling right now and it makes for a colorful stroll. We read that it can be buggy in early spring but for our Sunday outing it was delightfully pleasant and insect-free.

The one glaring detractor of this hike is the lack of signage. We neglected to properly read the trail description in the guidebook (besides knowing it was a loop hike), thus, when we arrived at a point with three possible route directions, we were stumped.

Additionally, we were already late for a birthday party and reluctant to head back in the direction that we’d previously traveled as it was well past the half-way mark of the three mile loop.

Chris set down his pack and jogged down the trail that we’d decided was most likely to lead us home. The troops were feeling a bit peckish so I broke out a few tasty morsels to cheer them up.

My dears, have you tried the This Bar Saves Lives from Whole Foods? The dark chocolate, cherry, and sea salt version is heavenly.

And it’s not just for cranky toddlers (and their mothers): for each bar purchased, food is delivered to starving children around the world. Last quarter the company sent 101,000 packets abroad to children in Africa, India, and Haiti. Definitely a cause worth supporting by chowing down on scrumptious bars.

 Chris found our trail home and we booked it back to the car and off to the birthday party.

Thinking of taking a walk yourself out at Moss Lake? Be not like us, my dears, and take a good long look at the map! Here is an excellent one for reference.