Monday, November 24, 2014

Benisms vol 38

Ben thought all his Christmases had come at once this morning when a fire truck pulled into the parking lot at preschool.

"HELLOOOO FIREMEN!” he yelled, holding up his duplo fire jeep in solidarity.

Fire folk and garbage collectors must be used to the adoration bestowed by the under-six set.

It wasn’t until five minutes later as he was proudly leading the men down the stairs to the building that he turned around to ask them where the fire was located.

They solemnly informed him that it was just an inspection; otherwise "we’d probably be moving a wee bit faster”.


On the way to preschool, Ben noticed that they’d put up lights in the trees on Lake City Way in preparation for the holiday season.

“Mom, look!”, pointing to a group of homeless folks hanging out in the city park, "those guys are having a CHRISTMAS PARTY!!”

Given that one of the guys was twirling a shovel like he was a baton-thrower in the Macy’s Day Parade, I declined Ben’s idea of joining the festive celebrations.


In other news, Chris and I spent the weekend working on our laundry room. Here’s what we’re going for:

Dirty laundry comes out of the ceiling chute on the upper left and falls onto the counter where it’s loaded into the washer and dryer. Clean clothes can be folded on the lower counter and delicate items can be washed in the sink.

The goal is to also have a mini fridge (to the left of the sink) for when we begin our kitchen remodel. The microwave will also be temporarily relocated down here.

Here is where we’re at:

Cabinets frames have been installed.

Emma is on the quality control team; her speciality is checking products for durability.

The cabinet counters are installed, the sink hole is cut, and the machines are in place.

I solemnly swear never to make fun of Chris’ long gorilla arms ever again. Thanks to his extra long appendages, the dryer venting is now connected.

Next up: counters over the washer and dryer. But not until after Thanksgiving. We’re ready for a break.

Have a great, hopefully short, work week!