Friday, February 20, 2015

Emma’s First Birthday: Party Details

The kids had a joint birthday party with our extended family last week. 

We went with a woodland theme, because, hey, why not? 

You know me, I am a sucker for pretty party details. This pink and yellow combo is just about my most favorite. Can’t go wrong with sunshine and papaya. Makes even these grey February days bearable. 

I completely forgot to put up Emma’s weekly photos that I took throughout her first year. I’m still ticked about the whole thing, really. All that work and nobody got to see it. 

Here are a few of my favorites:

The babe even got her own (tiny!) little cake. It’s our old standby: spice cake with lemon cream cheese frosting. The frosting isn’t as pretty as your typical fondants or buttercreams but the flavor is unparalleled. 

She devoured it. 

It wouldn’t be a woodland party without forest animals. Here we have little bear and hedgehog. Instant paper downloads from Etsy seller The Quirky Quail

Emma was not partial to the owl.


You’ll notice that Emma is sporting her first birthday shirt. 

 Ice cream too?! YES PLEASE.

Up next: Ben’s half of the birthday party.