Monday, March 02, 2015

News and Reviews

My Dears,

Happy Monday. If such a thing is possible.

While awake this morning at 3am I continued reading 
Unbroken, the biography of Louis Zamperini: an Olympian, a castaway adrift at sea after his plane crashes into the Pacific, and then as a POW in Japan during WWII. The experiences described in the book, specifically his tale of survival following brutal treatment by his captors, makes for a gripping, painful tale. The movie got moderately awful reviews on Rotten Tomatoes (I haven’t seen it) but the book is worth your time.

Here are a few other items of note from around the world this week:

Presidential Fun Facts

What Happens to a Woman’s Brain when She Becomes a Mother

Mapping Migrations in the United States.

Dave Barry: The Greatest (Party) Generation

Getting Grief Right

The Cure for Measles

Love this recent blog post about the unusual middle name trend

What Men Require To Live A Happy Life

Inside America’s First Women-Only Mosque

Solving a Museum’s Insect Problem with Legos

The Latest Food Trend

The God of Cake (Hilarious)

I rarely take the time to watch videos..but this one is worth it: Finding Love after a Heart Transplant

Guys, are you part of a local Buy Nothing group in your area? We are...and I love it. Clothes, baby gear, children’s toys, etc. It’s awesome.  Here is an article from one not far from us. 

Saving the best for last:

I Love Anna Kendrick’s Twitter